Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Respond in worship

Psalm 139 shows David worshiping the Lord because of how His omniscience impacts David's relationship with Him.  As we were talking about it tonight I realized that as my focus was on Him I felt the stirring within me of the awe that I hoped to feel in His presence.  He knows me.  He knows me!  What's better, He knows me and has still called me to be His.  All the time I spend post-salvation with feelings of unworthiness, although serving a right purpose at times, cannot overcome His love for me.  He killed His Son to pay the price of the sins He knew I would commit.  His knowing me did not give Him cause to stop His plan.  The idea that I've committed a sin too large?  Perish the thought!  I want to tell Him that the price He paid was not big enough to cover me?  Father, forgive me.

Where else does this knowing lead me?  Worship and praise of You.  You have given me the Comforter, part of You and yet all of You at the same time.  According to You and Your word I've received the mind of Christ.  You have given me the opportunity to discern Your will by working within me to renew my mind and conform me to Yourself.  Father, turn my spirit in to Yours.  Please do not let my reticence to "hear the Spirit" hinder Your work in any way.  Give me the wisdom to discern between my effort to "make an apple" and the good work You've already started and have promised to complete within me.  You already know everything about me, everything I've done/thought, everything I'm doing/thinking, and everything I will do/think.  What I seek to hide, shine the light of your grace, mercy and power over it.  The dark is as light to you and nothing is hidden.

Father, I love You, worship You, and praise You for who You are.  Thank You for Your love and goodness to me.  In Jesus' name, amen.

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  1. interestingly enough i've found that looking for God in the midst of the pain etc. God has met me there and via His grace gives me the ability to praise Him. Not jumping up and down with a big grin on my face; but with tears on my face and a broken spirit in need of Him.