Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is the inaugural post for my blog. I'm having a tough time getting my thoughts together for our Wednesday night Bible study so I'm hoping that typing it out will help streamline my efforts. Why am I doing this online? I'd love it if people were to stumble upon my musings and possibly reply with their thoughts on what I'm saying. I find that "iron sharpens iron" and that "Bereans" are usually pretty good about letting you know when you've strayed from what the Bible says and into the realm of pure pontification or absurd interpretation. So I invite anyone who happens to find this to please give me feedback on what you think. I can tell you that its my heart's desire to stay doctrinally sound, to offer what I believe the Spirit has revealed to me, and to come to a place of better knowing the character of God; who He is; and how I may relate to Him. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read.


  1. sounds like a great endeavor. I promise to keep my comments shallow and surfacy and to promote a works oriented approach toward the gospel and who we believe the character of God to be

  2. Shew....I was concerned that grace might find its way in here and we all know there is NO place for that!